What can you Substitute for Eggs in Cornbread?

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You might love eating southern comfort food, i.e. cornbread! Well, you are not alone on the list! Many people want to eat it, but at the same time, they hate eggs, it might be due to ethical or some food-sensitive reasons. If you are one among them, then you must read this post thoroughly about how to make cornbread without eggs.

Yes, there are many egg replacement in cornbread available. It includes flaxseed, soy, or Dairy fat that can help you to enjoy your breakfast that you ever want to be. Let us first understand the reason for using egg while baking so to get a clear idea about their substitutes.

Egg contains fat and lecithin that are required to bake bread or cake. Now we do need to whip the egg yolks properly! By doing this, the air gets trapped into them, and it is the reason behind the rise in the batter to make it fluffier and softer.

Lecithin does a great job to mix the water and oil; or immiscible ingredients with miscible. Finally, you will get dense and moist consistency of the homogenized batter for the cornbread.

Best Substitute for Eggs in CornBread

Now let us have a quick look at the different kinds of substitutes that you can use in place of eggs. In this way, you can try the recipe with the best as per your choice;

1) Vegan Substitutes

soy lecithinAfter having the recipe, you need to erase the part where it is mentioned eggs and replace it with a vegan ingredient if you love to eat veggies. So, in this situation, you can have two main options.

One is to prepare a cornstarch slurry (3 tbs of cold water and one tbsp of cornstarch/ Egg). Another standard option is to use one tbs of soy lecithin (you can get it from online retail or health-food shops).

But it is not sufficient to only add soy lecithin to get the exact texture, structure, and volume of an egg-based recipe. It can be solved by mixing soy lecithin with thick dairy items.

You can also add a pinch of baking soda with ¼ cup of silken tofu per egg (at the same time of adding it) to go 100% vegan. Never use extra-firm tofu that can limit the rise of the bread.

2) Non-Dairy Substitutes

You can find many ingredients in this category that can replace eggs to add richness and moisture to the bread. But, they might lack in emulsifying milk and cornmeal effectively.

The best pick for egg substitute would be Flaxseeds. If it is something new to you, then they have 30% fiber, seed coats or hard shells. The best part about the same is they have sugar-based gums that work as powerful emulsifiers.

So, the gum when mixes with water to form a gel and help to stabilize the batter same like lecithin does in egg yolks. So, for each egg in your recipe book replace it with three tbs of water, two tbs of ground flaxseed, and a bit of baking soda that helps batter to leavening.

3) Veg-based Egg Substitutes

You can buy egg substitutes from the market that is vegetable-based. They are made from potato and tapioca with cellulose gum and a leaving agent. In this egg substitute, you can find emulsifying ingredient as well. Now, you need to edit your recipe by removing the egg with two tbs of water/egg, and 1 ½ /egg powder of veg-based egg replacement.

4) Dairy Substitutes

You can get the same texture effects on cornbread that you might get with egg yolks in the recipe. You can do it with adding thick dairy products on its behalf; it includes yoghurt, sour cream or cream.

They are also responsible for proper binding of milk and cornmeal. Yoghurt and Sour cream can add fat and viscosity to the milk-based recipes, but they are not emulsifiers. Dairy fat aerates after whipping and works exactly like whipped cream; as a result, it increases the volume of the baked batter.

Hence, fat plays a big role to add stability in the baking mixture. So you need to add a pinch of baking soda with 2 tbsps of yoghurt, sour cream and heavy cream per egg in your recipe.

Some people also use about 1/4 cup of applesauce; 1-1/2 tbsp of water and vegetable oil with the same amount of water. Also, a tbsp of baking powder; or a goopy mixture made after settling the mix of 3 tbsp of water and 1 tbsp of grounded china seeds. So remember this post whenever you will have any doubt about – what can you substitute for eggs in cornbread.

If you want to cut some fat and cholesterol from the recipe, then remove the yolk and use only egg whites in your cuisine as well. Thus, there are many options for egg replacement in the cornbread recipe! What matters the most is the final look, feel, and taste that can beat what egg has to offer!

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