Substitute for Bean Sprouts! Never Go Wrong with These

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Are you also a foodie? Do you also like healthy eating? If yes, then this article is going to be your savior. We are assisting you with different alternatives to the bean sprouts for having a change in the diet without getting bored.

If you are also a healthy eater, then it is convincible for you to choose for the different choices of healthy eating for keeping variety in your diet. However, we are listing with a substitute for bean sprouts that would be equally nutritious for including it into the diet.

Picking the best substitutes for bean sprouts!

It would be optimal for one to make use of the bean sprouts in their diet as it is crunchy in texture and flavor as well. Most of the people prefer bean sprouts as the mung beans, which are germinated/ sprouted and taste really delicious.

Bean sprouts are mainly used in dishes like stir fry also as salads for adding crunchiness. However, it is not an easy task to get the same crunchiness and flavor to have in any substitute, along with nutrition. Some of the considerable alternatives are present, so let us get started with some of them.

substitute for bean sprouts SoyBean

Soybean sprouts

It is one of the ideal choices to make use of for diet as an alternative for bean sprouts. They are provided within a strong bean flavor that is even better for the bean sprouts. These can make your simple dishes even tastier when you are making stir-fried and other fully cooked dishes.

Healthy eaters can opt for young sprouts from soybean with tails which are emerging. Longer sprouts should be avoided as they often taste bitter when added to different dishes. It is packed with similar benefits present in bean sprouts such as vitamin K along with several minerals like tryptophan, copper, and manganese. It can be considered as the post-workout eating regimes to fulfill the requirement of protein and oil.


For bean sprouts, alternatives are bok choi, napa cabbage, and green veggies and others. Greens can be considered for the flavor as it has the crunchiness in it that is similar to bean sprouts. It is considered to replace the bean sprouts with green cabbage, and julienne cut bok choi and napa cabbage for different healthy recipes.

You can all these greens by adding to sandwiches and salads that would taste great and nutritious as well. Considering all of them for your diet would be optimal for adding some variety to your healthy eating habits.

All of these veggies are easily available in Asian markets in the produce section. So, considering all of them, along with bean sprouts, can assist in gaining multiple health benefits.

Final Verdict

From the details stated above, we have looked into a different substitute for bean sprouts in pad thai that would be optimal for you to choose for nutrition. So, these are some of the optimal and tasty alternatives for bean sprouts that are good in taste along with nutrition.

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