Cooked Dolphin Meat – Brief Information

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In some parts of Paraguay and Japan, dolphins are grown for butchering purposes. Also, these regions generally sell both fresh and canned dolphin meat. The cooked dolphin meat can be prepared either from captivity or wild dolphins.

Taiji Cove is famous for buying freshest dolphin meat to prepare sashimi. It is a rough and inhospitable place, so they can’t do farming due to rocky soil. So, they kill whales and dolphins to keep thousands of their village inhabitants alive.

In rural areas of Japan, people marinate the dolphin meat a day before cooking it using soy sauce. The next day it will be prepared using vegetables, it can be done in an oven as well. In Japan, the meat is cut to form strips of sheer size and served with garnished onion or grated garlic as sashimi.

What is Dolphin Meat Called?

The meat appears black, but very dark red and is dense that can be consumed either in cooked or raw form while garnishing with garlic or onions. It can also be chopped and cut into small pieces that can be fried or simmered further with vegetables and sauce. For many people, the taste resembles almost the same as the taste of beef liver.

Consumption of dolphin meat is there in some cultures from many years before. Coastal aborigines generally hunt dolphins and whales or other marine mammals for food or different needs.

cooked dolphin meatToday modern sophisticated and commercial whaling hunting tools are available. Thus, such marine animals became extinct because of uncontrolled and excessive exploitation. Nowadays, it has been controlled much. Still, the meat of dolphin and whale is available in many countries due to loopholes in regulations to hunt such creatures.

So the dolphin hunting is common in many nations like Madagascar, Japan, and Taiwan. In Peru, it is common in daily consumption and known as Chancho Marino (or sea pork).

A significant factor behind the consumption of dolphin meat in such countries is due to their cultural history. The new generations can eat them first to follow their ancestors’ traditions, not for the taste.

Final Thoughts

You can find the flesh of dolphins available on sale by meat distributors or supermarkets in some regions of the earth. It is also known as Ocean’s pork and can be regulated much due to the International Whaling Commission’s efforts.

It is advised by the experts not to eat such meat too much. It is because whales and dolphins are large creatures of marine life. They directly or indirectly got affected by the chemical or other marine pollutants coming from their food chain.

So this toxicity can differently affect the people who consume the meat of such large marine animals. Hence, there are chances of damaged ears, motor-skills, eyes, nervous system, or even prospects of partial paralysis.

A blubber layer between the skin and the meat contains Fat. The meat also contains a lot of mercury that will be highly toxic for someone who consumed it. So it is not suitable for humans and even to the conservation of cetacean populations.

Due to Green Peace activism after searching for canned dolphin meat, it is hardly available on any e-commerce store such as Amazon. But, you can buy some cheap tune cans that may include mixed meat.

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