Can You Freeze Cake Batter? (Updated 2022)

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You have all set to bake a cake and already preparing the batter for the same! You have got an urgent call regarding a job, or you need to leave it for another reason. Now, what will you do? One option is to prepare the pan quickly, pour batter to it, and schedule your oven to bake it! But do you feel this is a good idea?

Another smart option is to store and use it later to cook at your free time under your care. At this time a confusion arises in our mind, can you freeze cake batter! Can you relate to this situation? Did you ever face it?

If you are all set to bake the cake to be served for your guests at dinner, you came to know that they have postponed the visit to another day. If you are not in a mood to cook the cake at your home, it is better to save the batter. So it will save you time whenever you need to bake a cake.

Yes, not only the baked cakes but you can also store its batter to be used later! So, for regaining the best results, the mixture must be kept in the freezer within a day once prepared freshly. In this way, you can store the cake batter for about three months to make a fresh cake anytime with the same texture and taste as the fresh one.

However, there is a condition to make this possible! There must not be whipped eggs mixed in the batter; otherwise, the airy texture will be removed during the freezing procedure. As a result of this, after defrosting, the cake will not be baked well and change its composition. So always add oil if you plan to preserve the batter as frozen and cook it after some days.

How can you Freeze Cake Batter?

can you freeze cake batterEnsure all the batter ingredients are blended and mixed well with each other so that all of them will freeze together. All the ingredients essential for baking a cake should be combined well before freezing the same. Since once frozen, you cannot add any element to the thawed mixture. So you can only defrost the cake mix and use it ‘as it is!’ No need to add anything to the batter and ruin it.

It is recommended to store the cake batter in the right amount or proportions required to make a cake. After all, you can freeze the mixture only once, without matter if you use it entirely or not after thawing.

You can use a muffin tray to store the cake batter in the freezer. You can pour the cake batter on the muffin tray cups and seal it tight with the help of a plastic cover and transfer it to the freezer.

Check it after some time like about 4 hours and check whether the batter is frozen completely. Once done, remove it from the tray and keep the frozen cake batter inside an airtight compartment or freezer-safe plastic bags. Before placing these bags or containers on the freezer, make sure to take out all the air from within and seal it well. It works well to isolate the batter completely from outside air or moisture.

You can even use an ice-cream scoop to fill the container with the batter. There should leave a space of about half an inch so that the mixture will expand during the freezing process.

In the absence of a muffin tray, you can take any smaller containers that can be well sealed and close well to be kept inside the freezer later. All has to be done right; otherwise, baking the thawed batter will result in tighter crumbs in the denser cakes.

What should you consider to Defrost and Regain Cake Batter?

For defrosting the frozen cake batter, you can either keep it outside for a few hours at room temperature. You can also transfer the packets from the freezer to the fridge and let it thaw for the whole night. Once the batter regains its thick liquid state and seems fresh enough, you can use it directly to bake it as usual.

If you do not have time to allow with its standard thawing procedure, take the batter from the freezer and take it on the tray to be kept straight in an oven. So you can both defrost the mixture and bake it continuously. Modern ovens do come up with advanced features to set the timer, or you can select a mode that can handle such processes together automatically.

Otherwise, you need to allow some more minutes to the total time of baking in an oven. For example, five to seven minutes will be required to defrost the batter and prepare it for cooking, and the rest is for the standard baking time.

The frozen batter must not be filled up to the top in the container during the oven’s defrosting process. It is because after thawing, the mixture will expand, so it demands enough space in it.

Take out the thawed batter from the refrigerator on the next day. First, check if it gets softened, use a spoon or whisk and stir the mixture well so that all the ingredients will mix. You are ready to bake the cake like a normal process of a recipe.


Sliced CakesPreserving the cake batters in the freezer is almost like preparing and storing other food items based on a universal rule. It is to Freeze fast, and Defrost slower! In this way, the cake batter can be frozen for about 3-4 months. Also, the cake should be baked sooner after thawing it.

Make sure while keeping the smaller frozen cakes in plastic bags, place them in the right amount. In this way, you would not need to defrost more than required while thawing the batter to bake a cake.

It is best to affix a label with the date of freezing the cake batter to know by what time you should use it before it expires. The freezer should be kept at its coldest temperature setting or any super frost particular setting available in the fridge.

You can also directly use the baking pans to freeze the batter so that you can use it from the freezer to the oven for defrosting. After baking the cake, you can add toppings and decorate as you want it to be! The best thing is one can prepare it anytime in need, and it tastes exactly like a fresh made one.

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