Can you Freeze Angel Food Cake?

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A birthday celebration is coming, but you might be too busy on that day on other to spend enough time to bake a fresh cake! Also, you do not want to buy one from the stores. Of course, in this pandemic situation, it is best to try to prepare our food at home and limit our tours outside our house! Anyways, there is a solution to a common confusion on “Can you Freeze Angel Food Cake”!

Yes, you can prepare an angel food cake many days before the day of celebration and use it like a fresh when you want it to be! You might already be an expert to bake your cakes, and even there are many stunning recipes of it, available on the internet to try on. Therefore, this post will truly focus on storing an already available angel food cake! Let us start;

How to Store Angel Food Cake for a long time?

If you are confident that the remaining cake will be finished in the next two days, use a plastic wrap and preserve it at the room temperature. Yes, you can keep unfilled cakes for two days on kitchen shelves at the normal room temperature.

In case the cake has filled with toppings, it is best if you try to finish it the sooner possible. Otherwise, store the remaining by packing it well on an aluminum foiled zipper bags and let it be frozen 0 degree Celsius.

Next, the question comes of long time preservation of angel food cake, is it possible? Well, it can be done to secure the flavor and freshness of cake for one week. It can be done by just wrapping its slices on plastic wraps on aluminum foil and keep them in the freezer.

If you want to experiment with storing your cake for more than a month, let’s say for the next four or six months, is it possible? The answer is still a yes, but you need to be careful while sealing the pieces of the cake in a plastic freezer wrap or aluminum foil as tight as possible.

Now keep these wraps inside a heavy-duty freezer bag. It can keep your dessert safer while frozen for about the next one to two quarters or even more than that. Coming back to our next option, i.e., what if the angel food cake has been brought from the market in frozen form!

In this situation, no doubt you need first to defrost the cake, use it as much as you can. If some part is left out, you can store it by packing it with the help of a plastic freezer wrap or tight aluminum foil. The next job is to place them into your freezer compartment. That’s it!

Can you Freeze Angel Food Cake for Longer?

Can you Freeze Angel Food CakeIt’s more airy, moist, soft, and light in weight as compared to traditional cakes. You can either serve it as plain or make deliciously fancier. You can dress it up using whipped cream, fruits, or anything that you like to decorate and add taste to your favorite dessert.

There are more chances of being dried out due to lack of oil or butter. Hence, it can lose its moisture quickly when kept in the open, especially after cutting it into pieces and make it is interior more susceptible to air. To avoid it, you can either wrap the whole cake or its pieces to store it securely and retain its same form.

If your thawed cake becomes dry, then a simple trick is to add a topping of fruit slices or sauce to add moisture to the cake. The second option to add moisture in a dried cake is to let it microwave for a few seconds.

Always check the condition of the cake after thawing it. You can look for its appearance and smell it to check its freshness before serving it to your loved ones. Any unpleasant changes like weird odor is a pure signal that it’s time to expire the cake.

10 Essential Tips to Freeze Angel Food Cake

Can you Freeze Angel Food CakeFollowing are some helpful tricks to keep in mind while planning to store the cake for a long time ahead;

  1. It is suggested, to maintain its best quality, an angel food cake should not be re-freeze if already done for months.
  2. Never forget to use single or more layers of plastic wrap or aluminum foil to pack the remaining pieces or slices of the cake properly.
  3. Once you are completed cooking or baking the cake, let it cool down completely to attain the room temperature. Let’s say it has to be done for 2-3 hours before preparing it to freeze!
  4. The level and style of wrapping you would prefer to store the cake would matter a lot. It decides whether the piece of cake will pick up the smell and taste of other food already present in the freezer.
  5. A double layer of protection provided before freezing can prevent the cake from freezer burn.
  6. Make sure to take out excess air from the bags and seal them well.
  7. Remember to mark the date on the bags to identify it anytime in the future ‘when you stored it’ after months.
  8. To make sure the possibility of getting the cake to be squished from other items, keep the wrapped bags in a plastic container like Tupperware.
  9. Avoid the cake to freeze, including icing on top of it for the best quality results after thawing it after months.
  10. You can also keep the packets in the fridge for a few hours as an initial thawing process. Try not to keep the thawed cake exposed to air for too long to avoid making it bland and crumbly due to dryness.

Final Thoughts

Many people think it is not good to store a large-sized cake in fresh condition for a long time. It is best to share them with others and get it wholly eaten without considering the fact it might disturb your diet or so.

With proper knowledge about storing such desserts, you would not need to force yourself to eat anything more than you would love to be. It will also save any wastage and the most important your hard effort that you have put to make that cake look and taste delicious for your guests!

In a different scenario, if you are planning to buy it from a pantry store in advance, it might be available in two forms. One type is frosted and other as pantry fresh. If we consider the fresh pantry cake, then it can last long. The condition is it must not be made up of dairy products like custard fillings, whipped, or buttercream.

Use a cake box or an air-tight container to store it on your pantry for the next few days. Next, wrap plus keep it in the refrigerator if you plan to keep the cake for up to a week.

You can retain the piece or whole cake for the next few months. First, wrap it with plastic and then a second layer of aluminum foil to freeze for 2-6 months. Once you like to eat it, take the package outside the freezer and thaw it without removing its wrap at room temperature.

After this, it will become springy and soft to let it regain its original properties. Lastly, but most important, Try not to freeze the angel food cake for more than six months!!!

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