Can You Freeze Alfredo Sauce? (Updated 2022)

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In Rome’s early 20th century, an Italian pasta dish was featured at a restaurant of Alfredo di Lello of Rome. It is known as fettuccine al burro or Fettuccine Alfredo. We all know pasta is nothing without a delicious sauce as per our preferred taste. People generally prefer Mozzarella cheese and cream to make the Alfredo pasta sauce. The main issue with this sauce is that since its rich in dairy fat so it cannot be kept fresh for longer if prepared more than required. So the question arises, “Can you Freeze Alfredo Sauce”!

What is Alfredo Pasta Sauce?

It has been made of fresh fettuccine that will be tossed with Parmesan cheese and Butter. The liquid further emulsifies by melting of cheese, form rich and smooth sauce forming a coating over the pasta. Today the dish can be made by adding some more ingredients like heavy cream or chicken and is very popular, especially in the US.

Alfredo sauce can be combined well with pasta dishes like rotini, noodles, linguine, and spaghetti. Also, you can serve it with to add flavor to baked potatoes, Swedish meatballs, tomato basil chicken, scrambled eggs, and more!

You might think homemade sauces can only be made when there is enough time to prepare the meal and prefer to get one from nearby stores. But a commercial product may contain preservatives or some ingredients that you do not like to have in your recipe. The simple solution to this is to prepare the sauce in your free time at home in bulk and freeze for future use!

Can you Freeze Homemade Alfredo Sauce?

Can you Freeze Homemade Alfredo SauceMany food lovers prefer to freeze the extra sauce and use at any time after some days by just defrosting it, as a ready to eat option. But if you have already tried it before, you might have noticed that after freezing the ingredients, get split and adopt a yellowish hue.

It happens because Alfredo sauce has both high fat and water content. So the doubt is, Can you freeze Alfredo sauce, also retain its color and texture as it is when thawed after being frozen.

The answer to this is a Yes, it is possible, however, to do it you need to follow a tricky process. Let us discuss it now!

1) Try to be fast in preserving the extra sauce immediately when it is ready to be served.

2) Before switching it on the freezer, make sure that the sauce cools down, which is necessary to avoid splitting the ingredients.

3) To store it safely, prefer to use some freezer-safe re-sealable plastic bags.

4) Fold the edges of the pack after keeping it in a bowl and start filling sauce in it.

5) Remember not to fill the bag up to the top, and there should be enough space for approx. of one inch so that the sauce can expand during the freezing process.

6) Once done, seal the bag properly and mention the date of freezing on it using a marker.

7) By following the exact procedure, you can keep the sauce fresh for being cooked to be used after defrosting.

It is best to use small-sized packing bags to avoid wasting sauce the next time you remove the bag from the freezer for some serving purpose. You do not want to make more than required after defrosting it that may go into waste!

Once the container of the commercial sauce has been opened, the leftover sauce can be kept in the refrigerator and consumed only for the next 4-5 days. If you feel any change in taste or odor, then it is the sign that you need to throw it right away!

11 Tips to Consider in Mind while Freezing Alfredo Pasta Sauce

An Alfredo Sauce can be saved to be used fresh for three months by freezing the same. A slight change in texture and taste might happen if you are using a sauce after weeks. However, there are certain tricks to maintain and reuse the sauce as fresh after weeks;

  1. You can keep the pan along with the sauce in it inside the fridge that can help in fast chilling.
  2. In the absence of plastic bags, use a glass bowl that can be covered using plastic paper.
  3. During the freezing process, the sauce may form curds or lumps. So while reheating, it is good to stir the sauce gently; to avoid any leftover coagulated components.
  4. Suffocate sufficient air from the freezer bags possible before sealing them to close.
  5. In place of bags, you can also use sealed or tightly covered containers for storing the sauce.
  6. Use a covered container and refrigerate the sauce within two hours once cooked.
  7. You can cut a small triangle shape at one corner of the bag to help the sauce in thawing.
  8. The frozen sauce can be reheated at 165 degrees Fahrenheit before use.
  9. Once the chilled sauce is warmed or melted cannot be further refrozen for future use.
  10. If you are using a pan to heat the sauce after defrosting, make sure to do it at low heat and stir it continuously till it becomes hot and fresh to serve.
  11. If the sauce breaks during reheating, then you can add a bit more cheese, butter, or cream to it and stir the mix using a folk.

What is the Right process to regain Frozen Alfredo Sauce?

You cannot directly take out the frozen version of the Alfredo pasta sauce to defrost it using an oven or any other quick method! Hence, the correct way is to shift the sauce’s container from the freezer to the fridge and keep it overnight.

After this, the sauce will itself be defrosted and ready to be mixed with the ingredients. Try using a wooden spoon or whisk the mix well to enjoy the sauce’s taste.

There are chances that after defrosting, the consistency of sauce will get thinner. So to fix it, take some water in a cup or small bowl and mix in it half a teaspoon of cornstarch. After mixing the solution, pour it to the sauce and simmer it using a saucepan till it will retain its original thick consistency.

Bottom Line

The famous Alfredo sauce can be used to add taste to meals, salads, and pasta! It is a great choice to preserve it in the freezer, save some bucks, and avoid household waste. So, now you have the right trick to prepare a sauce that can be used anytime for months when you are most likely to make a pasta dish!

Are guests coming next month? No worries, get prepared for it today, you might be having a large batch of sauce in your freezer already available!!!

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