Best White Pepper Substitute You Can Use!

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If you cook white sauces for your pasta, light-colored dishes, or creams, you might already know about white pepper! How to manage when you do not find enough or any white pepper in your kitchen? You might have the idea of a white pepper substitute that you can use in your dish in such a condition. But do you know many different options regarding the same? This post will help you with the same.

White pepper is mostly used to add mild pepper flavor to the dishes mostly of French. At the same time, it does not change the overall appearance of the recipe. It is a common ingredient among light-colored dishes, white sauces, and creams.

They are cultivated in tropical Asian nations. Both black and white pepper originates from a common plant, but they are very different from each other. White pepper can be used to treat diarrhea, stomach, and upset. You can also overcome any bacterial infection that might be the cause of cancer, malaria, and diarrhea (cholera).

5 Options of White Pepper Replacements

white pepper replacementFollowing are some alternative ingredients that you can use to get almost the same taste in the absence of white pepper;

1) Pink Pepper – You need to use this in the exact quantity as demanded by the recipe to maintain mild peppery taste. Prefer to use it in light-colored dishes even to preserve the overall texture of your method as required with taste.

2) Black Pepper – It is one of the common spices that are generally available in our homes. But, it would help if you are careful while using this as a substitute for white pepper. The reason is, it has a strong flavor, so use it in only about half the quantity as compared to what required of white pepper. Also, they are generally visible on the food!

3) Ground Ginger – If you have this spice in your pantry, you can use it as a substitute. These are not too strong in flavor as compared to fresh ginger. Hence, it can be easily blended into dishes and add mild spiciness and pale color to their final look!

4) Green Peeper – In case you do not want to take the risk with change in the color of your ultimate recipe, then the best option will be green pepper. You can quickly found this in your home! You can take advantage of it to use as the substitute of white pepper if you do not want to use black pepper that can be easily seen on the recipe.

5) Ground Mustard – It adds a spicy flavor to the dish, almost similar to replicate the taste of white pepper. But, it adds it will additionally add yellow tinge to the final texture of the recipe.


No need to think more if you do not have white pepper in your home! You can still use some tricks to achieve a similar taste of your recipe by using any one from the above options as its substitute.

So, we don’t need to use only white pepper in our dishes. Go with a substitute for ground white pepper as a smart decision. After all, our main aim is to make our food delicious!

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