The Best Popcorn Maker In May 2022

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Cuisinart CPM-700 Easy Pop

This best popcorn maker uses a heating plate that has a blending rod on the base that keeps the raw kernels moving in the oil and heats the kernels until they pop.

An unhealthy option is of course to microwave popcorn, which is expensive, so purchasing a popcorn maker is the answer for a much healthier version of this delicious snack. Contrary to belief, small appliances play a big role in the kitchen, and once you have applied yourself to using this best popcorn maker, you will never look back.

If you want a generous bowl of popcorn, then this Best Popcorn Kernel Machine is your answer to perfectly popped corn every time, although it’s wise to consult and follow the directions precisely as you are working with hot oil.

A plastic dome that is clear covers the top and prevents the kernels, from popping all over the kitchen and because the dome has a vent it releases any steam build up during the popping process.

Never keep the popcorn in for longer than what is specified as you will end up with burnt corn kernels, a mistake commonly made with the intention of popping all the kernels.

You might need practice your popping skills but once you have, the snack you will be enjoying will be worth the effort.

Overall a very nice gadget to have in any kitchen, this one enables you to pop a batch of corn in less than six minutes. The dome-shaped cover can double as a bowl, and the removable parts can be washed in the dishwasher.

This Best Popcorn Kernel Machine comes with a 3-year warranty and also has a user manual should you have any difficulties.  An initial layout with your purchase, but so well worth it, there is no other expense, and you can get ready to enjoy hot, fresh popcorn at the push of a button.


West Bend Stir Crazy 82505

If you want big batches of popcorn, this Best Popcorn Kernel Machine will make up to a whopping 24 to 28 cups of popcorn.  The clear cover has ample vents that allow moisture from the popping corn to escape and thereby preventing soggy popcorn.

The makers recommend that the use of butter, margarine, lard and shortening be avoided.  Smoking and burning can occur during the popping process.  The stirring rod will very lightly move the kernels around after you have turned the machine on and will also reverse the stirring rod from time to time and this is to prevent the kernels from getting stuck.

There is no measure cup given with this Best Popcorn Kernel Machine but, the West Bend Stir Crazy is one of the top notch appliances on the market today.  The cover can also double as a bowl and cleaning up is very easy.

This best popcorn maker is an awesome buy in every likely way, making it one of the affordable appliances that makes popcorn on the market.  Very easy to use, very convenient and a great machine to have; prepares twenty-eight cups of popcorn in one cooking batch.

This machine is backed by a one-year warranty.


Presto Stirring Popper 05200

This Best Popcorn Kernel Machine is capable of making 20-24 cups of top quality popcorn and only takes ¾ cup of kernels and leaves no unpopped kernels behind.  This model is rather basic but has a very good performance record.

The rotating rod on this machine makes sure that the kernels are constantly moved around on the heating plate ensuring that there is plenty of popcorn.  You can also put a dollop of butter on top of the heating vent vicinity and when the appliance heats up the butter will melt and drip onto the popping corn inside.

Being a basic countertop model, there are not many features on this Best Popcorn Kernel machine, such as no on/off switch which means you will have to manually switch the machine on and off at the wall socket.  A little unsafe, so one has to be very cautious.

There is a one year warranty on this machine which is really standard and a user manual that comes with this popcorn maker will help you on your way to use this appliance.

Although very simplistic and basic, the Presto Stirring Popper 05200 will make liberal amounts of popcorn that always tastes fabulous, with good taste, no unpopped or burnt kernels.

The company Presto, also provide delicious recipes in the instruction catalog that can be found on the companies website.


Cuisinart Easy Pop Hot Air CPM-100

This make of Best Popcorn Kernel Machine unfortunately does not pop all the kernels at one cooking session and you might end up with unpopped corn, but that set aside it still can yield up to ten cups of popcorn.

A small drawback is that this machine tends to shoot the popcorn onto the kitchen counter so it will be best to make use of tall-sided bowl when you are contemplating making popcorn.

There is no risk of touching the hot machine when unplugging it because all you have to do is push a button and it will come to a stop.

There are removable parts and they are all dishwasher safe so the cleaning up process is quite quick and easy.

Storage on this machine is also easy as it’s relatively small and compact and can be stored out of sight, and worth a mention is that the plastic parts on this machine are all BPA free.

The Cuisinart EasyPop Hot Air CPM-100 can make popcorn very quickly, cleans well, and only wastes about a tablespoon of unpopped kernels but ultimately you get up to ten cups of tasty, crunchy popcorn Air-popped corn that you can eat which only contains 30 calories per cup, takes a mere three minutes and you get a whopping 10-15 cups.

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